3 Reasons to Consider Ethical Giving this festive season

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reading Time: 3 minutes

In a recent poll, a third of Canadians said they’d prefer to receive an ethical gift as opposed to a conventional gift.  

But what exactly is an ethical gift? And why are more Canadians interested in receiving one? The answer can be complicated.

In recent years, there’s no doubt that understanding the deeper social and environmental consequences of our purchasing choices has become a vital part of the buying process. Ideally, we’d like to feel good when we buy something – like we’re part of the solution, not the problem.

But the holiday season can be a time of year where the pressure is on to spend just for the sake of spending. It is estimated that the average Canadian will spend $643 on holiday gifts this year, and the reality is that many of these gifts (and all the frills that come with them) will either end up collecting dust in a closet somewhere or be tossed out in the garbage.  

In fact, each Canadian will throw out approximately 50kgs of garbage over the holiday season where it will end up in landfills, and with the world currently facing a climate emergency, now is a good time to consider the long-term impact of our gifts.

Of course, having a greener holiday season is one way to think and act ethically this season, but what about still sharing in the spirit of giving while also making a difference at the same time?

With Plan International Canada’s Gifts of Hope, you can do just that by helping change real lives in developing countries by providing essentials to children and families in need. From education to healthcare to clean water and economic empowerment opportunities, each gift works to create a better world – one where all can unleash their potential.

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3 Reasons to Give Ethically with Gifts of Hope

1. Real impact

Many charitable gift catalogues direct your donation as they see fit. But with Gifts of Hope, your donation goes directly to the gift you choose – reaching someone in need of that specific support. For example, when you give school essentials, children receive books, pens, and all the necessities required to foster learning, including teacher trainings and even feeding programs.

With over 70 gifts to choose from, there’s no shortage of options for all sorts of budgets. You really don’t need a lot to maximize the impact – just see how the gift of a goat changed Monica’s life forever:

2. Your gift keeps giving  

With a matched gift, your donation will be matched with a donation by a government, foundation or organizational partner, giving more children the gift of hope, helping more families live better lives, and transforming more communities.

Here’s how it works:

3. Giving makes you happy – it’s also inspiring

People around the world, with both modest and comfortable incomes, reported being happier when they spent money on others than on themselves, according to University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School professors.

In addition to increasing happiness, showing generosity towards others is an inspiring gesture that can be contagious. Your gifts can encourage others to give back and think about the holiday season as way of spreading hope and joy beyond our own social spheres. It’s also a great way to start a dialogue with children about an array of global topics and issues.

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You can shop to change lives

This holiday season, think beyond candles, wine and socks and give a gift that has the power to help transform lives and unleash potential. By bringing tangible goods and vital services to those most in need around the world, you have the power to make a difference and create, lasting sustainable change.

Make a difference today