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Kate Jongbloed

Inside Gifts of Hope: 3 baby chicks

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Kate Jongbloed

Reading Time: 2 minutes

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Tiny and cute, you wouldn’t expect 3 baby chicks to make a big impact. But these little balls of fluff help parents grow a family business and nourish their children.

This adorable Gift of Hope helps families hatch a better future!

Why we need this Gift of Hope

The gift of 3 baby chicks is actually the gift of income and small business skills. When chicks become hens, women sell the eggs and breed the chickens to help support their families. Eggs also help add nutrition to family meals.

When you give this Gift of Hope, you’re giving a whole bundle of skills and resources:

1. Three adorable chicks

2. Training to build animal shelters and breed chickens

3. Access to veterinary supplies

4. Small business training

chicks, Because I am a Girl, Plan CanadaCrack open a brighter future

Caring for chicks is often a family affair. As mothers teach their daughters, girls learn livestock management skills that will stay with them their whole lives.

Maiimouna, a 21-year-old university student from Senegal, is using baby chicks to put herself through school. When she’s not studying, she raises chickens and sells them for a profit. Her business is thriving. Inspired by her success, she’s decided to study marketing and continue to build her small enterprise!

Give the gift of 3 baby chicks ($17)!