What’s your “why” to join Spread the Net?


Across Canada, school communities are rallying together to compete in the Spread the Net Student Challenge! A friendly competition to raise funds for malaria-preventing bed nets, Spread the Net is an opportunity for students to learn about an important global issue, and make a change.

We asked participating students from École Marie-Tanguay why they joined the Spread the Net Student Challenge, and what they learned from taking part. In their own words here is what they had to say!

6 Reasons why students got involved with the challenge!

student with mapstudent with map of Africastudent with fundraiserSpread the net student

“We want to buy more nets to help to protect the children.”  – Addison, grade 3

“I think it is a good idea to protect children across the world.”  – Diego, grade 5

“I think it is unfair. We are so lucky in this country.  We don’t need to worry like the children in Africa. They always worry about being bitten and getting malaria. I just want to help the kids not to worry.”  – Victoria, grade 5

“We want to change the world!”  – Kye, grade 3

“I want to meet Rick Mercer!”  – Jacob, grade 3

“It is important to protect the people in Africa so they don’t get bitten by mosquitoes.”  -Krystelle, grade 1

6 Things you have learned since joining Spread the Net!

Spread the Net StudentSpread the Net Student kye marissaSpread the Net student


“I learned that mosquito bites can be very dangerous.”  – Diego, grade 5

“I learned that we can change lives and save lives every day.”  – Preston grade 4

“There are children in need.  They live in a large area.  Many children are affected.  If we are able to make a difference and give money, we should do it.”  – Victoria grade 5

“The more we talked about Spread the Net, I realized that we can help the children and the parents.”  – Janelle, grade 3

“I did not know that mosquito bites can kill people!”  – Krystelle, grade 1

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