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Guest blogger

Tips for Young Fundraisers!

Guest blogger

DSC_0675-iloveimg-convertedMeet Amanda and Anjalee, the Founder/President and Vice-President of Project 10K! Project 10K is an initiative in support of Plan International Canada with a goal of raising $10,000 to help build a health clinic in Nigeria. Amanda and Anjalee are both high school students from Ontario who are passionate about youth involvement, bringing their community together and helping those in need.

They shared the start of their journey with us, and their advice for other young fundraisers looking to get started!


What inspired you to start Project 10K?

Amanda: I was inspired to start Project 10K after reading a story about a woman from a village in Zimbabwe whose infant had passed away about 2 weeks after being born due to malaria. The mother had given birth to her baby in her own home and both her and her baby were not given any medical attention because there was not a hospital nearby. I couldn’t even imagine what it must feel like; to see your own child pass right before your eyes due to something that could have been prevented. I wanted to contribute in helping those around our world receive the necessary health care and support.

Anjalee: When Amanda first posted about her new initiative, I was automatically drawn. At first I just wanted to help in any small way possible but Amanda saw something in me that other people don’t usually see and allowed me to help her grow Project 10K at the early stages which I am forever thankful for.

Amanda: Anjalee’s too modest! I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do this without her, so when she told me she wanted to help in any way she could, I was so thankful because she’s honestly such an amazing friend and person to work with.

How have you planned to reach your goal? Who is supporting you along the way?Youth Fundraiser

So far, we’ve been contacting many companies and organizations in hopes of receiving generous sponsorships and donations. We plan to attend public events around the Greater Toronto Area to get the word out about our project and host fundraisers at our school. Social media has also become a great resource for us to network. Throughout all of this, our parents are always there to help us out with advice, telling their friends about it and driving us to where we need to be!

What tips do you have for other students looking to lead a fundraiser?

The best way to lead a fundraiser is to do it with a team; having a good support system full of positive people is key. It’s also important to remember to take it day by day and that not everything has to be done at once. When everything becomes rushed and clumped, you become less motivated and more stressed. It’s always good to have an action plan but make sure to never out-do yourself. Rather than focusing solely on how much money you raise, also focus on enjoying the experience and inspiring others to take action for something they are passionate about!

Have you faced any challenges? How have you worked to overcome them?

One of our biggest challenges so far is discouragement. It’s a lot harder than we thought to become involved with businesses and receive sponsorships. Also, in order to have a booth at public events, a lot of money has to come from our own pockets (or our parents!). To overcome these challenges, we always make sure to remember that if we’re unable to do something, it’s okay and that there will be so many other opportunities. There’s nothing wrong with having some limits and we should not be discouraged by a missed opportunity.

Street fundraiser

What keeps you motivated to achieve this incredible goal? What do you hope to achieve?


The thing that keeps us the most motivated to achieve this goal is the constant reminder that there are people, just like us, who live on the other side of the world without access to necessary health care that we have here. Thinking about the many lives that we might save with this clinic is absolutely mind-blowing. Not only do we hope to help our global community, we also hope to inspire other youth to take action for their passion and show them that any action, no matter the size, is an impactful one.


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