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A group of mothers participating in a workshop hosted by Plan

The Zika virus: 4 things you need to know

Claire | 1 year ago

You’ve heard it on the news, seen it on the web and heard rumblings on your morning commute. The Zika virus has surged into mainstream media, and as cases continue to rise in Latin America, the World Health Organization has [...] Read more »

A little girl reads a letter with her family.

10 reasons to write your sponsored child

Lisa | 1 year ago

Writing a letter to your sponsored child marks the beginning of a special relationship. It’s like having a pen-pal halfway around the globe, so take advantage, and learn more about your sponsored child, their family and their community. We have [...] Read more »


The ripple effect of empowering girls and women

Lisa | 2 years ago

Gender inequality is a global issue. In countries around the world, girls and women face discrimination that prevents them from accessing opportunities for a brighter future. And yet, we know when you invest in girls and women, everyone benefits! By [...] Read more »