Life after Child Sponsorship: Proof that nothing is impossible

When Dipu and Rowshanara joined Plan’s child sponsorship program, they didn’t know what to expect. How would the program benefit them? What would Child Sponsorship actually do for their community? But for these two, it didn’t take long to see the possibilities ahead of them.

Meet Rowshanara, 27 from Bangladesh

Parents sit with their daughter and young boy

Rowshanara and her family immediately experienced the benefits of Child Sponsorship.

For Rowshanara, Plan saved her life. At 8 years old, Rowshanara fell sick with a serious illness. But through Plan, Rowshanara received critical medical attention – and it was this care that kept her alive and healthy.

“My family and I will never forget those days,” Rowshanara explains. “We are very thankful to Plan for their kind support.”

A young woman helping children write letters

Rowshanara helps the sponsored children in her community read and write letters to their sponsors.

From that day forward, Rowshanara understood what her purpose in life would be. She wanted to be a teacher. She wanted to help children change their future, just like Plan had helped changed hers. It didn’t take long for Rowshanara to begin her work with children.

Today at 27, Rowshanara is volunteering with Plan and has become an active member of a local Bangladeshi Women’s Forum. As a result, she received training on child protection and began her mission to prevent child marriage. Rowshanara regularly speaks with women and girls in her community, explaining the negative impact of child marriage and empowering them with the knowledge to change the course of their future. Rowshanara also volunteers her time helping the sponsored children in her community write letters to their sponsors around the globe.

“I like this work,” she says. “I have learned so many things reading those letters from sponsors, and I just love to see the surprise on the faces of the sponsored children who I read the letters to.”

Meet Dipu, 24 from Bangladesh

Living as a girl in rural Bangladesh, Dipu realized early on that her options were limited. That’s until she began her sponsorship experience with Plan. Thanks to Child Sponsorship, Dipu received a quality education, learned about her rights and remained healthy and strong.

A woman standing in front of a group of children.

Dipu works as a community tutor and helps children find their way back to school.

Years later, Dipu decided she wanted to help school drop-outs get back in the classroom. She wanted every child in her community to feel protected, educated and healthy, just like she was thanks to Plan. So she began her work.

A group of adults meeting in a circle on the ground to discuss education

Dipu meets with the village development committee to help improve school enrolment rates.

Dipu prepared a list of out-of-school children and began visiting them at home. She would speak with the child and their parents, explaining the importance of education. Dipu worked with her village development committee, which took the initiative to follow up with these families and ensure the children were enrolled in school.

Mazharul, a young boy from Dipu’s community says, “I decided to stop my education, but Dipu insisted on my education, and for months, counseled me and my family until I returned to school. Now I’m in class 8 and I owe this to her.”

Today Dipu is an official member of her village development committee and a member of the pre-school management committee. With the help of Plan, Dipu was hired as a community tutor for a government-run primary school, and today, she says making education accessible for all children is her primary concern.

“I am grateful to Plan because they helped me to achieve this success and fulfill my dreams.”

The moral of these stories

Child Sponsorship gave Rowshanara and Dipu the opportunity to achieve something great – something they never thought imaginable. They both realized their potential, using their child sponsorship as a platform to help vulnerable children in their communities. To them, we are forever grateful and infinitely proud.

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