Introducing Nga, Laos: A remote community with boundless possibility

Aerial view of a small villageThe northern valleys of Laos are picturesque – the landscape almost untouched, with lush fields rolling peacefully along the Nga Nam River. Tucked away high in the mountains, lies the secluded community of Nga. Home to 4,500, the people of Nga live a modest life, subsisting off the limited resources from the land. But the people of Nga are full of hope and optimism, and they’re ready for change. Here’s why.

A thriving partnership that will last for years

Plan’s launching its newest Community Sponsorship program in Nga, Laos, beginning a transformation made possible by donors like you. You will get the unique opportunity to witness a community lift itself out of poverty, and through time, empower its members on a journey towards progress.

A mother stands with her sleeping child strapped to her body

Your support will help bring essential social services to the children and families in Nga.

Why Nga and why now?

There’s no better time for change than now. The children and families of Nga are ready to see their lives take a dramatic turn for the better. Here’s why:

  • Over 75% of the population lacks literacy skills and is unable to speak the official language, limiting education opportunities and economic growth.
  • 29% of primary school students drop out of school in grade 1 because of language barriers
  • Schools in Nga are in poor condition, lacking supplies, trained teaching staff and proper sanitation facilities.
  • Drinking water is pumped from a nearby river, exposing children to numerous preventable diseases.

Changing life in Nga

Over the years, you will see Nga transform into a sustainable community where children and families can grow healthy and strong. Through your support, the community will steer its own development, with local leaders, youth and community members working to build a thriving community filled with vital social services, infrastructure and stable economic livelihoods that will help the people of Nga face future hurdles with resiliency. Partnering with Plan, Nga Community Sponsors will help:

  • Improve access to quality education for all children across Nga
  • Deliver clean drinking water and proper sanitation facilities
  • Distribute nutritious food to school children to keep their minds and bodies healthy
  • Introduce new livelihood opportunities for youth to build their potential
  • Promote the rights of children and gender equality across the community.
A group of children.

Sponsoring the community of Nga will ensure children gain access to quality education.

Witnessing such incredible progress halfway around the world will be very powerful. But a journey to build a stronger, spirited community is only possible with your support. Join the experience and watch Nga transform.

You can help support the education of children in the developing world, too!

Sponsor the community of Nga today!