How an innovative idea is bringing quality education to a remote community in Ghana

Globally, access to quality education continues to be an issue for too many, especially for remote and rural communities in developing countries. In these areas, ensuring children have a school to go to is only half the problem – filling classrooms with essentials, like books, desks and of course teachers, is critical to a child’s learning too!

In Volta, a hard-to-reach community in Ghana, very few community members have the skills to teach, and with the shortest commute almost 17 kilometres over rough terrain, teachers from neighbouring communities struggled to make the daily journey. Without enough qualified teachers, children were missing out on the quality education they have a right to!

With the support of Plan International Canada community sponsors of Volta, Ghana, we’ve worked with the community to develop a simple, yet innovative, solution that’s having a big impact on the lives of children: a dormitory for teachers!

Bringing teachers and quality education home

Completed dormitory.

The completed dormitory!

Driven by their determination to see their children learn and succeed, community members in Volta rallied together to help construct the new teachers’ dormitory. Generous donations from Canadians across the country helped turn a barren piece of land into a bright home for teachers. The dormitory is fully equipped with latrines, water, a kitchen and electricity, so teachers have everything they need right here in the community!

Currently, 4 teachers live in the dormitory, and children and their parents are already seeing the incredible benefit of having teachers close by!

“I am very happy with the teachers’ dormitory,” shares Martin, a local community member. “Formerly teachers were refusing postings to this community and those who accepted were staying in the nearby town and commuting. This led to lateness and absenteeism on the part of the teachers, which affected [the students’] academic performance and enrolment.”

A young woman and young man.

Students in this community in Volta, Ghana, are benefiting from the support of their teachers, like Mabel and Emmanual!

Now that teachers like grade 5 teacher, Mabel, and grade 3 teacher, Emmanual, don’t have to worry about the challenging commute, they’re able to provide extra classes or after school lessons to support their students’ growth and development!

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