Celebrating success and saying farewell to communities in the Philippines

In 1998, Plan International set out to improve the lives of children and families in Southern Leyte, Philippines, where many communities were struggling with poverty, and children’s rights to protection, participation, education, and sanitation were not being upheld.

Today, a lot has changed.

Thanks to your generosity and commitment through Child Sponsorship, thousands of children have been given a chance to reach their full potential, and 90 communities in Southern Leyte are stronger than ever.

Their success is not just a celebration of years of hard work coming to fruition, but also a sign that it’s time for us to say a bittersweet goodbye, because the people of Southern Leyte no longer need our help. Now, children and families have the tools and skills to continue their development for themselves – and for generations to come.

The beginning of a bright future in Southern Leyte

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“Being with Plan International has been fantastic, awesome, amazing, important – all the positive adjectives you can think of.” – Micah, former youth leader in Southern Leyte

Throughout the years, Plan International has worked closely with community leaders, children and families in creating positive, long-lasting change.

Here are just a few highlights from our work to improve lives in communities across Southern Leyte:

  • Supported the development of 37 home-based early childhood centres as well as the development of 87 community-based day care centres for children under 6
  • Early Childhood Care and Development services helped increase enrolment for children under 6 from 1% in 2002 to 93% in 2011
  • Dramatically reduced malnutrition from 71% to 7.6% across all the Plan International-covered communities
  • 10 villages were declared free from open defecation, thanks to a community-led Plan International program
  • To date, 87% of all residents have obtained personal latrines in their homes, and almost all residents have access to potable water

    children washing hands

    Children learned how to wash their hands, practice safe hygiene and prevent the spread of disease as part of Plan International’s programming.

  • More than 700 children have received birth certificates, and parents are more educated and informed about the benefits of registering their children at birth
  • More than 600 children across 80 communities have been encouraged to speak out on various issues and learn about their rights through our youth advocacy programming
  • More than 50 village disaster risk reduction and management councils have child representatives and 46 school governments have child representatives as a result of our child participation programming.

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Thank you for creating meaningful change

Here at Plan International, we are dedicated to working with children and families to develop the tools and skills they need to lift themselves out of poverty.

Thanks to your generous support, the people of Southern Leyte are working together to create a brighter future for themselves, and for each other.

If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, become a child sponsor today. Your support will increase children’s rights and enable communities just like those in Southern Leyte to end the cycle of poverty once and for all.

Become a child sponsor today!