Gender based violence

young girls holding up heart signs

How empowering girls benefits everyone

Desiree Buitenbos | 8 months ago

For several years and with your support, Plan International’s Because I am a Girl movement has worked to address gender inequality and promote girls’ rights in the communities where we work. Together, we have reached more than 5 million girls [...] Read more »

Young boys playing with toys in classroom

The lowdown on early childhood care and development

Claire | 11 months ago

FACT: Every year, 200 million children survive their early years of life, but don’t reach their full potential. Here at Plan, we recognize the importance of early childhood care. It helps boost a child’s development and improve their future performance [...] Read more »

Meet Plan Canada International's new President & Chief Executive Officer, Caroline Riseboro.

Meet Caroline Riseboro

Caroline Riseboro | 12 months ago

On March 7, 2016, Caroline Riseboro joined Plan International Canada as our new President & Chief Executive Officer. We are pleased to introduce you to her today. Watch for regular CEO updates from Caroline in your e-newsletter. A message to our [...] Read more »