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A mother holding her baby.

15 powerful photos of motherhood around the world

Lisa | 10 months ago

All around the world, mothers play a powerful role in the lives of their children – providing care, support and love. No matter where you go, there’s nothing quite like a bond between a mother and child. Ensuring mothers everywhere [...] Read more »

A child bride.

A bride at 16: The reality of child marriage

Guest blogger | 10 months ago

Child, early and forced marriage is a complex issue. It’s not specific to one culture, religion or belief. It’s a global problem, disproportionately affecting girls with approximately 15 million girls married before the age of 18 every year.  This practice [...] Read more »

Collage of 3 boys.

3 boys championing gender equality and girls’ rights!

Lisa | 11 months ago

Gender inequality is an issue everywhere. It’s a global problem fueling discrimination, violence and negative stereotypes that not only impact girls and women, but boys and men too. Did you know? Achieving gender equality is one of the United Nations’ [...] Read more »